Stevie DuBois

Stevie DuBois, sexual being

I'm Steven DuBois aka Stevie. I'm a Drupsmin and a niner. I live in Boston, MA. I'm Orthodox Jewish, but I used to be Catholic. I'm American, but my parents are Irish and English. I choose to ignore the English part and the English people.

I support Man City. I like domestic beer. I support a 32-county Ireland. I like a laugh, a chat, you know — bit of a debate, an argument, a scrap, a fight...

If you're going to eat kosher food at a restaurant, please avoid Clover Food Lab, as it is "provvy kosh" that is to say, not really kosher and one rabbi from Providence cannot possibly supervise all of their operations. I recommend Pure Cold Press in Brookline or any JP Licks. I dream of a kosh Pret.

I studied bird law at RIT. I like magnets and ghouls. I dislike people's knees. My favorite food is milk steak (made with soy milk because kosher). My favorite TV show is Frasier. My favorite movie is Axey. My favorite beer is Genny. I'm a fan of the Buffalo Bills. I would like to meet Mike Myers. I support Sinn Fein and the Democrats in the US.

I eat stickers all the time. I live in an old phone company van, parked outside of a butchers shop inside of a snowglobe in Boston's South End.

I can come to your event and do a couple poems. I have one about women that you can read here. My dad sometimes let's me work on his fansite to So I Married An Axe Murderer aka Axey.

Go ahead and get me on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. Cheers TV show fan #1

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