Stevie DuBois — nice to meet me.

Orthodox Jewish Drinker and supporter of United Ireland

I'm Steven DuBois aka Stevie. I'm a Drupsmin and a niner. I live in Boston, MA. I'm Orthodox Jewish, but I used to be Catholic. I'm American, but my parents are Irish and English. I choose to ignore the English part and the English people.

Status: single and a available for make outs and more. Find yourself a nice Jewish boy, me.

About me

Probably the only Orthodox Jewish Sinn Fein supporter

Top 25 drinker in all of Orthodox Judaism worldwide. Try me (ladies).

I like doing my boxes (tefillin) in a Bobby Sands MP shirt

I am very fond of Kat Dennings. She is a great actress and a beautiful woman. If you've ever seen her in Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist you will agree. I'd like to have that some day.

I studied bird law at RIT. I like magnets and ghouls. I dislike people's knees. My favorite food is milk steak (made with soy milk because kosher). My favorite TV show is Frasier. My favorite movie is Axey. My favorite beer is Genny. I'm a fan of the Buffalo Bills. I would like to meet Mike Myers. I support Sinn Fein and the Democrats in the US. I don't like Libertarians or Republicans.

Go ahead and get me on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. Cheers TV show fan #1
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